Starting an Ebay Business

Being short on cash and having a ton of things to get rid of is an ideal situation – if you can find a sufficient solution. At the moment I have old clothing and some old school textbooks that are still in good condition; I just don’t need them anymore. (And could really use the cash).

It didn’t help that the other day I watched a couple episodes of that new “Girl Boss” show on Netflix based on the story of Sophia Amoruso. While it may not be the best show I’ve ever seen, it did get me thinking. My mom used to sell some of her old clothes on Ebay, too. Was it that easy?

I know it probably isn’t at first. But would it work to just get rid of a few things? Or would it be an inefficient waste, as I do not have a following yet? My other considerations are Offer Up, Craigslist, Plato’s Closet or donating to Goodwill. I’ve used Offer Up before for appliances, but I doubt it would be a great place to sell books and clothing. It sounds like you do not get much of a return from Plato’s Closet, and donating would be nice.. but I’d like the cash right now.

Interested in SEO, Digital Marketing?

Do any of you guys track your SEO efforts or Google Analyze your blog?

About a month and a half ago I started a new job. I had applied for a digital marketing internship with a home development company in the job search days, and thankfully it came through. I did have some anxiety in terms of being prepared for “digital marketing”. Sure, I could do social media. I have some copywriting experience, some blog experience and some knowledge of the various platforms we can use to market businesses today. But did I know much about the technical aspects of digital? HTML? CSS? Search engine optimization? Analytical tools? Apart from a brief stint with Google Analytics and some Tumblr and WordPress use, I absolutely did not.

But I am having a great time. And learning so, so much. My manager happens to be great at digital; he has a thorough background in SEO, and I think this is giving me a much more well-rounded knowledge of the online world.

He has me learning some things on my own, and I thought I would share them here.

The Moz Guide – For free, online SEO website MOZ provides some useful reading on the world of SEO and digital, made for experts and beginners. I have finished the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO, and am now halfway through the Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing. They make the stuff entertaining to read.

Codeacademy – Something I had always considered doing and never got around to was learning more about code. I had thought it was too technical for me, and it didn’t interest me enough to do in my spare time. Flash forward to now: my manager is requiring me to do it! Or at least some of it. I am quite pleased; Code Academy does a good job of making their lessons pretty easy to follow and I can now do cool things online that I didn’t think I was capable of before.

These are the two main online tools I can think of at the moment, but there are others. I am also doing some extra reading on SEO, marketing, and the real estate market itself. Overall it’s been a great experience so far! You’ll probably be seeing some more writing to do with homes or SEO in the future.

Do you have any SEO/digital marketing tips or tricks? I would love to hear about it.


Best Time for Blog Posting?

Trying to get back into the blogging mode after awhile – and still being fairly new to the WordPress world – means I’ve lost touch. That feels kind of funny to say, but it’s true. I used to have so many little formulas and observations on Tumblr about which times, colors, captions, etc. my posts should be. And then on top of that, how those would come across differently to readers in various time zones.

I just read this very informative post by social media blogger Garrett Moon, and it has me wondering what other observations or methods might be out there for my fellow bloggers.

What are your favorite times to post and communicate with other users? And, what are your favorite times to read or find new blogs?


5 Best Popular Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow

This year I started trying to follow more creative accounts on Instagram: artists, designers, fashionistas, etc. I love the visual platform and it’s nice to keep up with the new trends and have daily inspiration at my fingertips (especially with the new “saving” feature). Obviously this is a subjective list, but today I was thinking about my favorite, celebrity IG creatives and this is what I came up with. If you like colorful, pretty images that have a lot of color (preferably pink), then you will probably like these too.

1) @juliahengel 

Master fashion/lifestyle/decor blogger Julia Engel has one of the most beautiful Instagram feeds. Plus she seems like a nice gal too.

2) @designlovefest

Great account to follow for a whole mix of design elements.

3) @elledecor

Mostly consisting of interior design, this account shows off glamorous rooms from around the world.

4) @freepeople

Fashion & a little bit of everything else:

5) @urbanoutfitters

Much like @freepeople, UO is a fashion company that also promotes other areas of design such as home items and interior decor.

Who are your favorite creatives to follow, and where do you follow them? Would love to hear from you.

First Oil Painting Experience

A few weeks ago I bought a tiny set of oil paints and decided to give them a try. I have only ever used acrylic and watercolor – partly due to mess, partly due to cost, and partly due to not really knowing much about oils at all.


I set up outside, due to the smells filling up a small apartment and also my fear of the mess.

All I did was test them out by putting layers of the paint onto a little canvas I had lying around. And I fell in love.

The thick, opaque layers covering up the canvas instantly… it was exactly what I had been looking for with my acrylics. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried them out yet. Now I just need to be able to afford more of them! (And maybe have a bigger apartment so that I have some more space, hehe).

A few problems arose though, things I hadn’t been expecting. For instance: the length of drying time! My god! I put my fingers onto the painting the next day and it was clearly still quite wet. Which yes, I realize was silly of me to not know already. I have now read up on all the issues and non-solutions to oils’ drying time. If anybody has a secret method please let me know.

Artists on Paper

Getting distracted and falling down the rabbit hole on the internet sometimes leads me to interesting places. This morning it led me to art website Artsy – a site for browsing and buying artwork of various types. Further falling down the rabbit hole encouraged me to browse through the various works that artists have done on paper.


I wish I could make my art look like that on paper! I am most likely using the wrong types of paper, and am certainly still a beginner artist, but I find it difficult to make my pictures appear so effortless. I have collected a little group of my favorites here. They all contain different mediums though these are mostly watercolor.

As you might be able to tell, I am a big fan of color.


What’s your favorite kind of art, and on what medium?

Creative Writing & The Importance of Practice


When I was a kid I was an obsessed creative writer. I believe it spawned from my love for reading, as well as a need to create. I wrote my first short story around the age of six or seven, when I could still only barely spell. The story was about a princess, but I can’t remember much more than that. I continued to do some creative writing through elementary school, but in high school and college the habit fell off.

Recently I tried to get back into it. It used to be so much fun for me and I always felt so inspired when I wrote. My mom told me about this website where you can take online courses for free – Future Learn – and I found a creative writing class and signed up. Though there were the drawbacks of little feedback due to large class size, and much content being rather familiar already, this course was incredibly helpful. It gave me some new ideas, but more importantly, it gave me assignments.

If I’m enrolled in a class, then I’ll do the assignments. But if I’m not? I’ll probably keep saying that I need to write and then not get around it. I get busy with work, or job applications, or watching TV with my boyfriend, or playing around on my phone or computer. Without a set goal or timeline to follow it’s too easy to become distracted, unless I am having an infrequent, very motivated day.

For a few years now I’ve thought my lack of writing inspiration was simply due to the fact that I’m not reading the way I used to. But this course made me realize that I just need to write more. Reading helps – it helps a ton – but I’ve forgotten the basic rule of getting better and being inspired by anything: Practice.

This is the same for any craft, but it’s easy to forget the simple truth of it. Now I am making an effort to set aside more time. And enroll in more classes!

Back to Blogging

After taking a couple years off from maintaining a blog, I’ve decided to start it up again as a way to keep track of my creative hobbies and interests. I am currently going ahead and deleting old posts.

I intend to use this space to post about whichever creative interest is currently inspiring me. I like all things artsy, so you’ll probably find a mix of painting, writing, design, and maybe general life items here.

Hope you’re all having a great day! Cheers.


Have You Seen Inside Shay Mitchell’s Closet?

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has something that every girl envies: the ultimate dream closet. I just spotted the full article about it on the Coveteur (see full article here) and feelings of jealousy are currently hitting me so hard I felt the need to post about it. Adorning the walls of the roomy, wood-floored walk-in are just about every type of heel or sneaker, hat, or jewelry piece you could imagine. It’s beautiful; it is jaw-dropping. Check it out for yourself and see what you think 🙂

smcloset4smcloset1 smcloset2 smcloset3

6 Steps To Staying On Top Of Your Blogging

As Tumblr taught me time and time again: If you don’t post regularly, your followers will lose interest and unfollow your blog. And it’s certainly something I check for when looking through new blogs: How often does this person post? How long have they been blogging for; do they stay on top of it and keep it up with fresh content?

Luckily for me, posting regularly on Tumblr hasn’t been much of a problem because I am a Certified Tumblr Addict. Gaining followers was never my goal with the youthful, visual platform; I am just so addicted that I genuinely want to do it everyday. But now that I have my own writing blog, on which I have to put more serious thought into posts and come up with my own, new content (as opposed to quickly reblogging some photos or setting up a queue on a busy day), things are a little more difficult. How do some bloggers stay so on top of their blog – generating new content almost daily and therefore turning their online space into an active community? Here are some things that Tumblr taught me and that I’ve observed in other bloggers that I believe I need to continue or start implementing:

  1. Research, research, research.

    It is important for a blogger to stay current with the news and with culture, especially for whichever specific interest you are blogging about. As a communicator trying to reach the masses, you need to be relevant. Staying up-to-date on a variety of world events can also give you new inspiration for posts.
  2. Make it part of the daily routine.

    Schedule in some time for blogging, researching, and/or networking. On the weekends I have more time, but during the weekdays I like to scan the news and think about my blog either later at night or early in the morning over coffee and breakfast. When an activity is a part of your daily routine you don’t have to think about making extra time for it, which is when activities can get pushed aside when you get busy. Also: keep a notebook or jot down ideas for posts whenever they hit you. It’s a very good idea to have a list of posts you can work on ahead of time.
  3. Communicate with other bloggers.

    Search for other blogs like yours; reach out and connect. Not only can you make some new connections and maybe gain some visitors/followers to and for your site, but you’ll also learn different methods of blogging and maybe gain inspiration.
  4. Write yourself a plan and timeline.

    This is to do with the “make it a part of the daily routine” point except on a larger scale. How do you see yourself working on this blog a few weeks or months from now? Start thinking ahead of time in terms of your posts; think about the voice you want your blog to have and definitely start generating posts early. You never know when you’ll have an exceptionally busy day or few weeks – or perhaps a vacation – and blogging won’t be a part of your daily routine anymore. It’s best to plan ahead.
  5. Set goals for your blog & have a future plan.

    Where do you see this going? Start blogging with the vision and voice that you see yourself wanting to have with it when the blog gets older. Basically know yourself – why do you blog? And how can you better express these interests? When you are truly blogging with inner passion, things can really start to take off. Passion is exciting, and when you are really interested in something you will attract other people who are really interested in it, too. Especially if you combine that with a plan. Inspire yourself by thinking about all the possibilities for your online spot. Set goals that are big, and allow yourself to fail.
  6. Remember to have a life.

    I think this is important because this is what will keep you interesting. It’s always nice to see a human behind a blog, I think. Throw in the occasional post with a life update; it can be something exciting you did over the weekend, or maybe how you feel about a certain situation. Let your viewers into your circle and they will be grateful for your inclusion.